RIKEN CSRS Microscopy Facility Technology Platform Division, Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Unit

Lab Menber
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Kiminori Toyooka
(Senior Technical Scientist)

Ph. D (Sci.) E-mail: toyooka (at) riken.jp
Guest researcher of Japan Women’s Univ.
Specialities: Cell Biology, Morphology, Photography
Mayuko Sato (Technical Scientist)
Ph. D (Life Sci.)
Specialities: Morphology

Tomoko Suzuki (Visiting Scientist)
Ph. D (Agr.)
Specialities: Morphology

Mayumi Wakazaki (Technical Staff)
Specialities: Morphology, Gardening

Noriko Takeda (Part Timer)
Ph. D (Agr.)
Specialities: Morphology

Yumi Goto(Technical Staff)
Specialities: Morphology

Yuko Saito (Part Timer)
Specialities: Morphology

Lab Alumni
Ayako Miya (Technical Staff)
Kei Hashimoto (Technical Staff)
Naeko Narikawa (Part Timer)
Yuki Hamamura (Special Postdoc.) Moved to Hamburg Univ.
Megrim Kobayashi
Takako Kawai
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