RIKEN CSRS Microscopy Facility Technology Platform Division, Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Unit

We develop innovative microscopy technologies to facilitate the progress of Sustainable Resource Science

Technical support and Collaboration

As for maintenance and technical support , collaborative research is done with internal and external scientists using high-resolution microscopy techniques such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and confocal laser scanning microscopy (LSM).
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Development of electron microscopy

The development and improvement of the field focuses on the following: Correlative light and electron microscopy, Array tomography for 3D construction, high-pressure freezing/freeze-substitution (HPF/FS), immuno-electron microscopy corresponds to various plant tissues.
In the construction of a TEM atlas: multi-scale mapping system of plant tissues and cells prepared by HPF/FS and TEM techniques are implemented.


Out reach

Offer to websites and books our taken microscopic pictures. And we try to enter for competitions such as microscopic image contests.

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