RIKEN CSRS Microscopy Facility Technology Platform Division, Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Unit

We have developed innovative microscopy technologies to analyze plant cell function, and advanced collaborative researches that involve the use of high-resolution microscopy.

1 Maintenance of and technical support for using high-resolution microscopes and related instruments for internal and external researchers using high-resolution microscopes.

2 Collaborative researches using high-resolution microscopy.

3 Cell biological analysis of secretory pathways and the mechanism of vacuole formation in plant cells.

4 Construction of multi-scale mapping system of plant tissues and cells prepared by high pressure freezing and TEM techniques.

5 Development and improvement of correlative light and electron microscopy, array tomography for 3D construction.
6 Technology development on the sample preparation for scanning and transmission electron microscopy, especially the cryo-ultrathin sectioning and high pressure freezing techniques for microscope analyses plant materials.

7 Improvement of the cryo-film sectioning techniques for the imaging mass spectrometry analyses for plant materials.